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    Unable to install JDK6

      Hi All,

      I have downloaded jdk-6u25-windows-x64 from oracle(sun) website. My OS is Windows7 64 bit on i7-2600 intel processor with 16GB RAM Size.

      When i click the installer. It shows screen having "JavaSE Development kit6 update 25 (64bit) setup is preparing the installation wizard which will guide you through the program setup process. Please wait.." In this screen 'Next' button is disabled.

      I left this screen for more than 1 hour. I felt this is not doing anything. I did Scan taskmanager, it shows two instances of 'msiexec.exe' and 'jdk-6u25-windows-x64.exe' were running, When i kill one of the msiexec.exe instance. It moves on to next page. When i select the installation directory, after clicking next button, onceagain in taskmanager it shows two instances of "msiexec.exe". Try to a kill instance it show 'path' having semi-colon correct (actually it is not having anything) and while killing other it close installation completely. I did attempt multiple attempts to confirm the two instances were running.

      Did any one experience this wierd problem? share me your solution pls..

      [ My system is just 1 day old. It was assembled on yesterday only. So it has OS only installed. ]