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    Apex Listener 1.1.2 URI Handling (worked in 1.0.2)

      Hello all,
      I am having issues with Apex Listener 1.1.2 that I didn’t have with Apex Listener 1.0.2 connecting to a VPD db. In our environment we use the URI to specify the tenants as well as the procedural call to the database. For example http://www.testurl.com/instance/tenant/prodedure. I have Apex Listener configured using /instance as the context root to access the correct db instance.

      Apex Listener 1.0.2 would then pass the /tenant/procedure to our VPD db. We moved to 1.1.2 was because we require procedures that can take a dynamic list of parameters, i.e. procedures with a ! (bang) in front of their name. The issue with Apex Listener 1.1.2 is that the URI is not passing part of the URI to the VPD db as it was in Apex Listener 1.0.2. This causes our pages to not load.

      Apex Listener 1.0.2 properly handled the URI /instance/tenant/procedure, but couldn't handle /instance/tenant/!procedure. In contrast, Apex Listener 1.1.2 can handle /instance/!procedure, but cannot handle /instance/tenant/procedure or /instance/tenant/!procedure.

      Has anyone run into a similar issue with the newer Apex Listener? Thank you for any help you might be able to provide.