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    Sample OSM SOM Cartridge with Instructions!

      Dear All,

      We have taken an initiative to create and provide sample cartridges to the OSM Developer Community. The sample cartridges could be as simple as a small SOM or COM cartridge or it could be a cartridge explaining specific feature or it could be complex cartridge with a sample solution. As the first (tiny) step, I have posted a simple SOM cartridge in OTN, and along with that I have posted the instructions on how to create this sample. Please follow the instructions given below to get an access -

      1. Go to - https://www.samplecode.oracle.com/sf/projects/som/
      2. Log-in with your OTN account credentials (if you don’t have one, please create it)
      3. Once you are in the project page. Click on the “Documents” menu that is on the top of the page.
      4. Download instruction document “doc2564: Cartridge-1: Creating a Basic SOM Cartridge”
      5. Click on the “File Releases” menu that is on the top of the page.
      6. Under Package Summary click on “Cartridge-1: basicSomCartridge ”. Then click on “rel1019 : Cartridge-1: BasicSomCartridge” (under Releases)
      7. Download the file “Basic_SOM_Cartridge.zip”
      8. If you would like to join the project, then go to the Project Home and click on the “Join the Project” button)

      We would like to invite the all the OSM developers to join this OTN project and share your sample cartridges and also play a role in enhancing the posted base cartridge. By doing this, you will learn about OSM and in addition, your cartridges will help other developers in the OSM development community.

      Thank You,
      Deepankar(Deep) Dey
      OSM –Product Management