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    UPK buttons not working in OLM

      Anyone ever used Oracle Learning Management and UPK? I imported SCORM compliant content into OLM and tried to play it. I can only see the TRY IT mode and not the see it mode. The buttons are not working either. I published the content in an LMS package and clicked the playback modes. I zipped the published files, replaced the XSD files with the Oracle recommended ones, and imported to a Learning Object. Now I can see the buttons, but they don't work.

      I launched a single topic and uploaded that and now, I can see those. We have plenty of space for UPK content (10G remaining).

      Any suggestions as to what I'm missing? My assumption is that it's in the way we publish our content...or just our content period. We used some Oracle files and it worked. So I know it's our files