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    Web Link URL parameters for creating new tasks

      Hi there,

      I'm attempting to create a Web applet (basically a button) on a service request that, when clicked, leads the user to a New Task form that already has some values filled in based on the parameters specified in the URL. This has been succesful on most fields... the only one i'm having problems populating is the "Priority" field.
      Is there a list of all the possible URL parameters?

      Here's my link:

      a href="https://secure-ausomxxxx.crmondemand.com/OnDemand/user/TaskNew?OMCR0=%%%Id%%%&OMTGT=TaskEditForm&OMTHD=ActivityNewNav&OMCBO=Service+Request&OMRET0=ServiceRequestDetail%3fServiceRequestDetailForm.Id%3d%%%Id%%%%26ocTitle%3d%%%SR_Number%%%%26OMTGT%3dServiceRequestDetailForm%26OMTHD%3dServiceRequestDetailNav%26ocEdit%3dY%26OCTYPE%3dIssue%26ocTitleField%3dSR%2bNumber&OCNOEDITTYPE=Y&TaskEditForm.Priority=Acknowledgement%20Email&TaskEditForm.Type=Email&TaskEditForm.Status=Completed&TaskEditForm.Description=Email%20Acknowledgement&OCTYPE=" target="_blank"
      img src="http://emod-content.crmondemand.com/xxxx/button3.jpg" alt="Send Acknowledgement" />
      OMCR0=%%%Id%%%&amp;OMTGT=TaskEditForm&amp;OMTHD=ActivityNewNav&amp;OMCBO=ServiceRequest&amp;OMRET0=ServiceRequestDetail%3fServiceRequestDetailForm.Id%3d%%%Id%%%%26ocTitle%3d%%%SR_Number%%%%26OMTGT%3dServiceRequestDetailForm%26OMTHD%3dServiceRequestDetailNav%26ocEdit%3dY%26OCTYPE%3dIssue%26ocTitleField%3dSR%2bNumber&amp;OCNOEDITTYPE=Y&amp+ // i believe this is what brings the SR details into the task (sr no, contact, account)

      TaskEditForm.Type=Email // populates the Type
      TaskEditForm.Status=Completed //populates the Status
      TaskEditForm.Description=Email%20Acknowledgement //populates the Subject field
      TaskEditForm.Priority=Acknowledgement%20Email //doesn't populate the Priority field :(

      I think i've correctly encoded everything in it and have picked the values that seem obvious.. the image is currently hosted in our emod storage for convenience.

      I realise i could just set default field values in the Activity field setup... but i would like to do it via url parameters if this is at all possible.


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