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    Error while exporting to PDF document in OBIEE 11g


      In OBIEE 11g we are facing an issue regarding exporting a few reports to pdf. It is resulting in following error: "Error generating PDF document".

      The reports are placed on a dashboard which has a prompt too. However, when we remove the prompts, the export is working fine.

      We will really appreciate any help in this regard.

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          Amith Y

          Looks like this is a sort of known bug with PDF creator in 11g. Try implementing the below solution:

          To configure the Javahost service, edit the Javahost service configuration parameters in the
          instanceconfig.xml file. The parameters are
          identified by their relative path starting from the /WebConfig/ServerInstance node
          For example:


          After changes restart Siebel Analytics Java Host and Siebel Analytics Web services

          If it doesn't work try to create same report in xml publisher as presentations services in obiee has limited capacities in printing out reports.

          Refer to this thread for related useful information: Error in creating a PDF

          Hope it helps.