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    Different Apex Virtual directory

      One of my Apex installs was done with a /k/ virtual directory. I have not been able to get the Apex listener to work with the Apex installation in this database. it seems that if Apex was installed with a /i/ virtual directory parameter it works fine but not with any other. I''m using the listener in standalone mode and I don't see a way to set this.
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          Hello Dan,

          the APEX Listener doesn't support a different context than +/i/+ for the images directory (yet) when running in standalone mode.
          You can deploy it to any supported (and some unsupported) JEE-Container and host a +/k/+ context there.
          Another option would be to put a proxy in front of the APEX Listener that reverse proxies any request for +/apex/+ to your APEX Listener and either serves +/k/+ locally or reverse proxies it to the APEX Listeners +/i/+ context.