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    Purchasing Source type

      Hi Oracle Gurus

      I am stuck in the PO order source type area. I would appreciate your help on this.

      I have created a purchase order for drop shipment because i didn't have a designated sub-inventory for me to receive the goods. however after the PO was created and approved a new sub inventory was created and now i want to receive items in that subinv. I am trying to change the source type in the line of the PO to internal from external. It is not letting me do it.

      Can you guys help me as to how to go about this issue

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Is it a drop ship PO or not? Is the supplier going to send the material physically to your door or is the supplier going to send it directly to the customer?

          If it is indeed a drop ship po, you don't have to change anything on the PO just because you created a subinventory.
          Let the PO go ahead. When supplier ships material to your customer, perform a receipt against that po.
          Enter the subinventory that you recently created in the receipt.

          Hope this helps,
          Sandeep Gandhi