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    How can I deal with long sql by the oo4o?

      I am using VB and oo4o to develop a sql executor which is a extention of an old system.
      For some reason, I have to use oo4o v8.1.7 to deal with Oracle Database 8i to 11g.
      But when I send a very long sql(11KB) to it I got a error in the VB enviroment.
      The Err.Description is "automention error. Started object is disconnected by the client.".
      The Err.Number is "-2147417848 ".

      The sql that I send it to the program is a simple select sql that like select a, b, c, substrb(d, 1, 2), substrb(e, 2, 3) .... from A_TBL where A=aa;
      This sql is normally executed by the sqlplus but I got an error by the oo4o.
      When I insert a '' between the 30Xth items, it got exectuted normally.
      ex. select a, b, c, substrb(d, 1, 2), substrb(e, 1, 2) ..... substrb(303th, 3, 4), '', substrb(304th, 1, 2) ... from A_TBL where A = aa;

      How can I deal with this problem? Thanks.