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    scjp certification

      i want to write certification exam in java this will be my first certification exam so which one should i write oracle certified associate exam or oracle certified programmer exam?
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          The following exams are related to Java language and its related certification exams. Java provides good number of certification exam.

          Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP)

          This exam covers Java programming language and some core classes related to Java SE. You can opt for exam, CX-310-065,which is for Java 6.0 or CX-310-055, which is for Java 5.0. The content has not changed much from Java 5.0 to Java 6.0. It is better to try Java 6.0.


          SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Study Guide by Katherine Sierra and Bert Bates (K&B)
          A programmer's guide to Java Certification (Second Edition) - Khalid A. Mughal & Ralf W. Rasmuseen.
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            The Java 6 certification has differences from the Java 5 certification; not so much in content as in the type of questions that are asked. The Java 6 ones are more fair with less trick questions and more knowledge questions. If you study well, there is no reason why you shouldn't pass it.

            What I want to ask is: WHY do you want to do the certification? If it is only to learn Java then please forget about it because you are only learning the language here; that is only the very beginning of your skill set. After than comes 10 years of working experience which will teach you what you really need to know (hopefully).

            Is it because you want a paper proving that you know Java? Again, please forget about it because

            a) working experience says that, not the paper
            b) it is generally known and accepted that certification doesn't prove much, especially because it is a little too easy to cheat

            Only do the certification if a company is asking for it (if you can, make them pay for it), or you like to hang something on your wall. IMO of course!
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              thank you for your reply, actually am a fresher so i thought certification would add value to my resume, any how i paid money for voucher. how do i need to prepare for the exam? am preparing from text book-complete reference java (7th edition) will that be enough?

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                864981 wrote:
                thank you for your reply, actually am a fresher so i thought certification would add value to my resume,
                Depends where you live. In the U.S., I've never run across an employer that was naive enough to think the cert was a meaningful measure of knowledge or skill. Most people that I've personally interviewed who have the cert were completely clueless, so I almost view it as a negative. I've heard that in India, employers value the cert, but I have no personal experience in that job market.