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    FDM Export process modified - Drill through not working

      Hi all,

      I have FDM and HFM version. In the export process from FDM to HFM, the system exported the information incorrectly, with decimal separator wrong. It was not possible to change this value changing Regional settings neither with "Fill=EURtoUS". Decimal HFM configuration is correctly configured.

      The only solution i have found, was to create an Event Script, AftExportToDat, which would read the ".dat" file and modify it by a new one with decimal parameter changed. The file is generated properly.

      The problem is that the normal process, the automated one, creates several files with information related to "Drill Through" functionality. The files created are:

      1. File with financial information to export: FILE
      2. FILE-A.dat
      3. FILE-B.dat
      4. FILE-C.dat ==> containing information related to "Drill Through"

      When i do create this file, the others, automatically created, are not created in the same way, some information is left in comparisson with the automatic whole process. The result of this is that "Drill Through" option does not appear in HFM application.

      Does anybody know how to solve this issue?? Does anybody know how to replicate these file or how to make Drill Through appear?

      PD: Drill Through is correctly configured, it was working before this Events script.