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    Authentication problem

      Hi gurus,
      A simple question: do you know if it's possible to configure Siebel to use an authentication profile based on Ldap, where the username contains a blank character?
      I give you an example:

      Username: john smith
      Passoword: whatever

      My experience tells me that the field login on the bc Employee doesn't accept white spaces.

      Thanks in advance,

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          see below the following stretch:

          "LDAP or ADSI Authentication Process
          The steps in the LDAP or ADSI security adapter authentication process are:
          1 The user enters credentials to a Siebel application login form.
          These user credentials (a username and password) can vary depending on the way you configure
          the security adapter. For example, the username could be the Siebel user ID or an identifier such
          as an account or telephone number. The user credentials are passed to the Siebel Web Server
          Extension (SWSE) and then to the AOM, which in turn passes them to the authentication
          "Username. This attribute value is the key passed to the directory that identifies the user. In a
          simple implementation, the username might be the Siebel user ID, and so it might not have to
          be a separate attribute."

          Reference: "Siebel Security Guide Version 8.1" page 115 "About LDAP or ADSI Security Adapter Authentication"