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    OCCI in 64bit windows

      my develop enviroment is : vs2010 + windows 2008(64 bit) + oracle 11g2(64 bit)

      while I was running an OCCI app in windows 2008 (64 bit), it comes to be a runtime error.
      I checked a lot of information from inernat, and i found the problem is getString(), and i cannot get any resolve of the problem.

      the program is the simplest code:

      // open connection ...
      while (rs->next()) {
           string rsid = rs->getString(2);
           printf("%s\r\n", rsid);
      // close connection ...

      Can anyone please help me in solving this issue.

      Thank you!
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          This forum is for discussion of C++ programming in general, and the use of the Sun/Oracle C++ compiler that is available on Solaris and Linux.

          Your question is about programming specifically for the Oracle database on Windows. I suggest you try one of the database progamming forums at
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            Look like you use OCCI and I have question to ask you.

            I have the similar development environment. I use VC 2010. I can't build my program. The code is simple (see below).

            Where did you put these OCCI in linker? I am new user in Visual Studio.

            Thanks a lot.



            #include "stdafx.h"
            #include <iostream>
            #include <occi.h>

            using namespace std ;

            int main()
                 oracle::occi::Environment* environment;
                 oracle::occi::Connection *con;
                 oracle::occi::Statement* stmt;
            environment = oracle::occi::Environment::createEnvironment(oracle::occi::Environment::DEFAULT);

            return 0 ;