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    Soft errors.

      what is a soft errors...how to get rid of it....what should i check when soft error comes?
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          when a soft error is detected, the data residing on the affected block(s) will be moved to another block, then the 'bad' block is either repaired, or mapped out as a flawed sector. My own experience is that soft errors are often the harbinger of hard erros, and you are as well to do the necessary disk swap sooner rather than later.

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            Thanks for your reply.one more thing to ask is when soft error came ...we had reboot our server....and now it only show 4GB of memory out of 8GB....so is it memory fault?...what should my next activity?
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              Check out prtdiag -v for your current working memory modules

              on SC or RSC prompt check showfaults -v command to check for faulty components