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    How to get prompt value in Financial Reporting and use it as header

      Hi Oracle Gurus,

      I have Hyperion Financial Reporting I created a report.

      I have Products dimension on rows. And I also have prompt for Products.

      Let's say there is 3 products, Product A, B, and C, with each has its own level 0 item (for example A1, A2, B1, C1)

      Currently in my situation, user will be prompted to select a list of Products, and then the report will display only the level 0 of the product chosen by the user. For example, user select Product A, then the report (or the grid) will display A1 and A2 on rows. User select Product B, B1 will be displayed.

      My question is, I want to create a dynamic header report, so how can I get this prompt value and use it as a report header? For example: Sales of Product A when user choose Product A, or Sales of Product B when user choose Product B.

      Thanks a lot for your response.