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    can i use id on html:select syntax...

      i am using the following code to take data from the database directly to a dropdown box.
      <html:select property="lddate" style = "width:160">
      <html:option value="--SELECT--">SELECT</html:option>
      <html:options collection="loadDateList" name="almRecordsNotProcessedBO" property="lddate"

      then after selecting the load-date from the drop-down box & clkng on submit button page is wrkng fine but in the dropdown it not showing the selected date.it is showing the default 1st entry in the drop-down box.
      Now i using a javascript for showing the selected date::::
      <script type="text/javascript">
      function getText(){
      var x=document.getElementById("aSelectControl")
      But here i needed an id . In my Drop-down select code where i shuld use this id..i dont understand..i have checked for syntax of html:select but there is no id tag attribute of html:select.can anyone suggest me any other idea how to show that.
      can any one help me ..its very very urngent. i got stuck..plzzzz

      I have checked in the internet there is a select syntax where i can make use that id..
      Select the load date:
      <select id="aSelectControl">
      But here the problem is i have to write the dates in a jsp page..but its not poss for my case...i have to take the date from databse. can any one tell me if i using the above query how to take data from the database.

      plzzzz help me..