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    Guest domain power-off on pressing power button of server.

    Alexander Golikov

      Primary domain is not power-off'ed when you ask, but reboots if any guest domain is running.

      So for correct shutdown i need to connect to every domain and ask "init 5" command.

      Is it possible to make this automatically?

      For example, if i have server without ldoms, and i'm pressing on power-on button on it, OS captures this pressing and shutdowns herself.

      May be it is possible to make the same with guest domains for auto-power-off of them?

      What will happen if primary domain will shutdown on overTemp hardware event (HighSoft) on one of the sensors? Will it possible for correct shutdown of all guest domains or it will hard-power-off'ed on HighHard sensor event?

      I may make Work Around and write script on shell and expect and put this in shutdown scripts on primary domain, but it is just work around, and not beautiful fix.
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          Liam Merwick-Oracle
          The behaviour is listed in http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E23120_01/html/821-2854/operatingsolariswithldoms.html#resultsfromhaltingorrebootingcontroldomain

          There is no way I can think of to trigger the guest domains to showdown automatically due some external power event (by external, I mean not initiated by the LDoms Manager). You may be able to configure domain dependencies to do what you want (see http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E23120_01/html/821-2854/configuredomaindependencies.html#scrolltoc) but that may have Availability implications.

          Otherwise you'd have to run 'ldm stop -a' before powering down the system.

          I'm not sure what would happen in the case of a Critical temperature event but I'd guess that by default, the guests would just powered off (unless domain dependencies were configured)