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    The "XFILES APEX Community Edition" (XACE) is available for download

    Marco Gralike
      For all those to see and learn what you can do when combining the power of Oracle XMLDB and Oracle APEX an alternative APEX XFILES application is now available for download via http://xace.sourceforge.net
      It is based on the combined efforts of Mark Drake and Carl Backstrom to convert the XMLDB XFILES demo application towards APEX. This "XFILES APEX Community Edition", XACE for short to make a distinction
      with the more sophisticated official XFILES XMLDB demo application, demonstrates an implementation of versioning based on DBMS_XDB_VERSION and APEX as UI. Also for Roel Hartman and me, its an exercise
      to demonstrate what you can learn while "standing on the shoulders of giants". Also, in the spirit of Carl Backstrom, we want to share our knowledge with the comminity and give "it" back in the hope you will also
      get excited of these two very powerful options in the Oracle database.

      We use this XACE application to help us with our presentation to demonstrate APEX versioning so if you are interested and have the chance see us (and ask questions afterwards) during Kaleidoscope 2011 or
      (shameless plug here) vote for us on Oracle mix so we are able to present these techniques on Oracle Open World this year as well ("XFILES, The APEX 4 version - The truth is in there").

      The more important below...

      - Download URL for our presentation and APEX "XACE" Source: http://xace.sourceforge.net (versioning for APEX)

      Download the XFILES XMLDB source via: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/features/xmldb/index.html (among others webservices, geo location app, version control and more)
      You can also download the OTN Developer Days Virtualbox environment to play with a fully installed XMLDB XFILES appl. (example 3 of the "Oracle By Example" XMLDB series).

      Last but not least...

      If you like it, in the light of the community

      - share it
      - learn from it
      - participate (and help to make it better)

      ...and if you really like the effort done, by the community, donate some of your bucks on "Carl's Memorial Fund" !
      (more info here: http://carlback.blogspot.com/ or under the "donate" link of http://xace.sourceforge.net).

      Hope you have some fun with it.

      On behalve of...