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    Error on Export workflow

      Hi Gurus,
      In my production environment, I had done a distributed installation of HFM/FDM v on Windows 2003 SP2, Oracle database 11g in which I have HFM and Workspace on one box, FDM on another box, database on one box and shared services on another box.

      I had configured the HFM adapter, cluster etc. accordingly and while clicking on 'Browse for Taeget values', the FDM app displays the the target HFM application's members.

      Import & Validation worked fine but the issue came on 'Export' workflow. The error says 'Error: Export Failed. Detail: Activex component can't create object: 'Hyperion.HFMwManageApplications At line 203'.
      I checked, the export .dat file is neing created as well. Has anyone faced a similar issue? Please let me know.