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    Configuring eRPI Adapter - eRPI Database Service Name

      Greetings all -

      We are doing a first time installation of eRPI on a new planning environment. We have eRPI successfully pulling data from EBS, but the import step in FDM yields an error: "error creating database link". We did create the import format in FDM utilizing the adapter and tied that import format to the FDM location.

      We have been following the PowerPoints from the Oracle site created by Mr. Paffhausen during the eRPI configuration, as well as the ReadMe for the adapter. When we configured the adapter, one field I wasn't sure on was the "eRPI Database Service Name". We went with putting in the name of the server that the eRPI database is located on. Is that correct? I would like to rule out this possibility before going down other paths.

      Thanks for any help in advance,