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    Using Apache Camel inside Weblogic

      Has anyone used Camel running in a Weblogic instance, using Weblogic for JMS?

      Is this possible? Any ideas how Camel will act in a Weblogic cluster?
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          René van Wijk
          No not Camel in particular but the Oracle Service Bus.

          Note that when you make sure that all the necessary libraries necessary for running Apache Camel are targeted to
          a WebLogic cluster you can use the WebLogic cluster capabilities.

          I do not know if Apache Camel uses some kind of context which needs to be propagated over the cluster, such as
          for example when you want the cluster a Spring context (having some security context) you need perform some
          extra steps - but I doubt that this is the case with Apache Camel.

          Some more information on setting-up a cluster service bus can be found here: http://middlewaremagic.com/weblogic/?p=6637
          Note that it deals with the Oracle Service Bus, but the same concepts can be used in your case.
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            I have been trying to implement Camel 12.1 with Weblogic 12C without success.
            The exact .ear file can be implement on Weblogic 10.3 without any issues.
            I have tried sourcing for solutions but it seems that there are very limited resource pertaining to issue that i have encountered.

            Can anyone tell me if weblogic 12C supports Camel 2.1 in the first place?
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              Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

              It seems it will support.