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    Approval of PO by two approvers

    jahanzeb qureshi
      Dear experts,
      Our requirement is that we want the 2 approvals in the hierarchy for the PO. and the approvals are at the same level , there is no difference between these approvers.When PO is sent for the approval it goes to both approvers but the error is coming that when we click the button of aprove on the PO there is option coming that to whom you want to move the document? either approver 1 or approver 2 ? and if we select the approver 1 then the notification goes to only 1st one or if we select the 2nd then notification goes to 2nd. Is there any solution of it ?

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          assign approval group to approver 1

          when the PO reaches approver 1, tell him to select approve and forward option, and then select approver 2 in the forward field

          Now the PO will be pre approved, as soon the approver 2 approves it, it will have a status of "approved"
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            jahanzeb qureshi
            Dear emm.
            Our requirement is to automate the system so that the PO gone for the approval at simultaneously to both approver.
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              Following is the solution i can think of

              After first Approver approves the PO you can initiate the forward action from approver1 to approver2 or vice versa.

              Approving and forwarding the PO will change the status of PO to PRE APPROVED (after 1st approval)
              This will allow next approver (approver 2) to approve the PO from PRE APPROVED to APPROVED status.

              So you will have to create a logic to identify approver1 or approver 2 has approved the PO first and then forward it to the next person. this can be achived programatically or by modifying workflow.