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    FDM Upgrade to 9.3.3

      Hi All,

      We have development environment on 9.3.1. and Preprod on 9.3.3. We faced issue while migrating FDM application from dev to preprod. (export from dev and import in preprod.) but as dev is 9.3.1, it did not import and failed.

      Can I upgrade FDM only to 9.3.3 leaving all other components on 9.3.1? will it work?

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          What you could do to move the application from the 931 environment to 933 is backup the FDM application database in the 931 environment and restore in the 933 environment. Copy the FDM application folder associated with the 931 application over to the 933 environment. use <Add Application> to add the FDM application to the list, then use the schema update utility to upgrade the database to the 933 schema level. This will allow you to leave the other environment at the 931 version level.
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            I apologize for sounding like Captain obvious here; however, why do you have different software versions between environments? It would make the most sense to upgrade and have all environments consist to minimize variables in the event you have issues between environments.
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              I concur with Charles. Upgrading to 9.3.3 is recommended, in my opinion, for the entire suite as it gives you IE 8 and Office 2007 support for the other products.

              Additionally, the upgrade from System 9 to any of the Fusion editions must be from 9.3.3 so you'd eventually have to get there anyway.

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