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    BPM 11g PS3 - How to Remove or Hide Custom Actions from the “Actions” menu


      We are using BPM 11g PS3. In Oracle BPM workspace the human task outcome values appear as the custom actions under the “Actions” menu of the Human Task.

      In our task form we have buttons defined to invoke the human task method for the custom action as well as other operations so we do not want the user to click the custom action under the “Actions” menu to complete the task. The custom actions have to be removed or hidden from the “Actions” menu. We still need to keep the “Actions” menu for the system actions (e.g. reassign) since we do not want to do too much customization.

      I found 2 threads requested the similar customization but don’t see the straightforward solution:
      Customize workspace
      BPM 11g urgent questions

      Have any of you successfully implemented this with minimum configuration/customization? Please help and share your thought.

      Thanks a lot,


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