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    informix to oracle migration

      Hi all,

      Can anybody share, how can i write the text file using procedure.................

      That textfile message is displayed as:

      out_msg:='the procedure start.............'
      out_msg:='the procedure end................'

      and then the logfilename,loglevel information i got from one table...............
      Then i need to write that three variable (logfilename,out_msg,loglevel) values into one textfile using procedure..........

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          I don't understand what you mean. Is this question related to a migration from Informix to Oracle? Your questions (in the other threads) seem more like "how can I do things in Oracle that I did in Informix". Remember, this is a thread about migration issues, so if the migration using the SQL Developer Migration Workbench (SDMWB) or the older standalone Oracle Migration Workbench (OMWB) does not work as expected, then we can try to help. Your questions seem more Oracle Server related, and it looks to me that you have deep knowledge in Informix but not so deep knowledge in Oracle.

          Perhaps it is better to place questions that are Oracle database related and not strictly SDMWB or OMWB related into the general Database forums like this one:

          General Database Discussions

          or this one:

          SQL and PL/SQL

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            This is Data Migration Question.

            I want to write any message into one textfile using procedure.

            How can i do this?

            I think utl_file package using to read/write into textfile.........

            clear me with example..............
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              it is your sight on this issue that this is a migration issue - I disagree.

              Anyhow, if you are searching for examples, easy to search through our knowledge base in My Oracle Support. E.g.:

              Example: How to Write to a File Using the UTL_FILE Package (Doc ID 123862.1)