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    OIA Remedition

      Am currently working on OIA Remedition process. The application work fine. It revokes the user from Target System (say LDAP).
      But the status of my remdition tracker shows a "Required" Instead of complete.
      When i debugged on both the Side (OIA & SIM). I found an error, that occured during De-provisioning

      *"com.waveset.util.WavesetException: Can't call method put on class com.waveset.object.GenericObject java.lang.IllegalArgumentException"*

      As per my understanding, in SIM, the user gets unlinked and deleted from LDAP and SIM is trying to put a data in map to ack OIA.
      Once the map is recevied at the OIA side, the status should change. But since Am getting the above error. The Status in OIA is not getting changed.

      Any idea.