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    How can I set echo off in sql developer sql worksheet?

      When I generate script output from an sql file loaded into the sqldeveloper worksheet, the statement displays in the output pane before the query results. This may be happening because there are substitution variables (eg &site) in the query. Regardless, I really would like for none of the sql statement to show up in the results -- I want to save it as an output file. Is there a way to accomplish this? 'set echo off' is not recognized as a valid command.

      I know I can export data from the query results pane to a text file as well as csv, etc, but I don't like how it looks -- I want the data as it's laid out in the script output.

      Here's a portion of the script... just enough to show 'set echo off' and use of the user variable.

      set echo off
      select s.site_id SID,substr(s.site_name,1, 50) SITE, month.start_date_time, 
      sum(decode(sd.datatype_id,111,month.value,null)) EC,
      sum(decode(sd.datatype_id,1217,month.value,null)) PPM,
      round(sum(decode(sd.datatype_id,19,month.value,decode(sd.datatype_id,93,month.value,null))),2) CFS,
      round(sum(decode(sd.datatype_id,1216,month.value,decode(sd.datatype_id,1218,month.value,null))),0)  TOTAL_CFS,
      round(sum(decode(sd.datatype_id,20,month.value,decode(sd.datatype_id,1113,month.value,null))),0)  AF
      from hdb_site s, hdb_site_datatype sd, r_month month, ref_yao_sal_flow_site_map map
      where map.flow_site_id = &&site