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    Internet Explorer 9 crashes with webutil

      Hi, i installed webutil kit on windows vista 32 bits business editions. The installation was successful. Jacob sign was ok too.

      I have forms 10g

      Installed pacth 7384879 and was ok

      Forms and Reports 10g work nice on internet explorer 9 and until now have a problem with webutil

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Forms 10 is not supported for use with IE9. That said, generally when a browser crashes while running a plug-in (Java plugin in this case), the issue is a problem with the plugin and not the application running within it. Also, to use WebUtil with Forms in Vista or newer, the user will need to have Administrator permissions (Windows). If not, an error or crash will occur. This is because WebUtil will attempt to write into the Program Files directory which is not permitted unless you are an Admin. This restriction can be overcome if you install a newer version of the Forms Bundle patch then change the configuration so that writing to the restricted directory no longer occurs (redirect writing to a permitted directory).

          Refer to Patch ID 9593176 (requires Jacob 1.10.1) and the follow MyOracleSupport note:

          <li> How To Change The Default Download Directory For Forms WebUtil Client Files (Doc ID 783937.1)

          Also refer to: "Oracle Forms Bundle Patch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Doc ID 1188127.1)"
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            Webutil crashes IE 9 yet. I'm working in my laptop and i have only one account user, so this account is adminstrator.

            I'll try to install the patch 9593176 but give some error:

            Opatch returns with error code 255
            cannot chdir to C:\DevSuiteHome_1: Invalid argument at C:\DevSuiteHome_1 \OPatch/perl_modules/Command.pm line 8384
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              Did you right-click the patch setup.exe and select "Run as Administrator"? Just because your account has administrator privileges doens't mean your account will use Administrator priv's when it runs the setup.exe. Windows Vista and Windows 7 by default will run a program as "Standard User". With Oracle installers, you have to explicitly tell Windows to run as Adminstrator!

              Hope this helps,
              Craig B-)

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                i don´t get it . I installed the patch number 9593176 witg Opatch utility. The installatio of the patch was successful.

                But when i try to run webtuil demo form internet explorer 9 crashes ..
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                  Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                  In order to install one-off patches (such as 9593176), it is important that you read the included ReadMe. The most important note in the ReadMe is this statement:
                  # 2. Patch should be applied using the latest oPatch versions. See Patch ID 6880880.
                  # Choose the correct Platform and Release>
                  The version included with the product installation cannot be used to install patch 9593176

                  Also, if you have browser toolbars like Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc, uninstall them and retest. Often, these add-ons will cause a conflict and crash when attempting to run the Forms applet. Do not confuse "uninstall" with "disable". You need to uninstall them. I would also recommend a reboot after uninstallation.