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    Column  Link

      Hi guys,

      I have a column called Video that contains Youtube addresses, how can I activate these links. In other words, when clicking on a cell in this column, I should be transferred to the address that is like http://www.youtube.com/............
      PROVIDED, the link will not show up in the report, I will replace it with an image through:

      in "Region Source"
      when video is not null then
      '<img src="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#you.png" ' || (VIDEO) || '" height="35" width="35" />'  
      '<img src="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#youb.png" ' || (VIDEO) || '" height="35" width="35" />' end VIDEO
      Best Regards,

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          You should always try to prevent putting HTML in your SQL queries.

          Logic and presentation should be separated as much as possible.

          for your question.

          shouldn't there be a "<a href" somewhere?