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    Audio Input in SGD ?

      As Sun Ray 5.2 now supports AudioIn/AudioOut, when can we expect this for SGD ? We would like to use OCS (M$ Office Communication Server) for Inhouse Chats with a Headset. Any Ideas ?
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          As you probably are aware, we can't comment on future plans for product development.

          For this and other desired features, you can submit an Enhancement Request or make your requirement known to your account rep- this is your feedback mechanism for influencing future product development.
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            Thanx, I have done that already, I was just curious, if I have overseen something in the docu. Anyway, it's really time to publish new features like that, my users are quite pushy, why it's not there. It's quite a long time since the last update of SGD. There is also still no support for IE9, a couple of people get's nervous here.

            And XenApp is always around the corner, if we ask for such things. And I cannot ask endless ...

            kind regards, thomas