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      When new contacts or leads are created on CRMOD, are they automatically added to On Demand Marketing? Would contacts and leads created prior to getting an ODM license be also added? If we will have a contract for 100K contacts (Additional Volume) in ODM, I would like to know if our current 900K CRM contacts will go in there automatically. If so, that will be an issue.

      My assumption was that when you create lists in ODM, only these contacts that you have in lists will be synched with CRMOD but maybe my assumption is wrong. Does anyone know the answer? Thanks.
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          Justin Anderson-Oracle
          There are a variety of integrations settings that control what information is pulled or published into the core CRM system.

          As part of standard provisioning of the marketing system, the On Demand Marketing module is populated with your existing CRM data. The initial synchronization process can either (a) sync your entire existing contact and lead database within CRM On Demand, or (b) you can select a start date as a reference point (where the initial sync will only pull CRM contact records created or modified from that reference date or later). After the initial sync, the incremental sync process will ensure that any new or updated information in CRM or Marketing are kept in sync going forward.

          For contacts captured in On Demand Marketing, there are also publish settings that control when/if a new or updated contact or lead is published from On Demand Marketing into. This allows you to keep unqualified leads only within On Demand Marketing if desired before they are pushed into the main CRM dataset.

          For more information, I suggest you review the TOI recording that is posted on the Training & Support center.

          To access the recording:
          * Please login to CRM On demand, click on Training & Support link in the upper right of the UI to get to the Training portal home page.
          * On the main header section of the home page, there is a link to 'Marketing On Demand'. This takes you to a listing of available recorded training.
          * There is a TOI (Transfer of Information) topic on "Integration" that covers many of the details. ("Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing TOI: Integration with Oracle CRM On Demand")

          Hope this helps.