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    DMU for Itanium platform

      Hi All,

      We are trying to use DMU for migration to unicode charset.

      Please clarify regarding following.

      1.Supported database version:

      Currently we are on, that means do we have to apply PSU , otherwise DMU is not supported.

      2. 9825461 Patch which is said to be installed on DB before using DMU agianst it is not available for Linux Itanium platform.

      3. Client OS Version

      SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 (ia64)
      uname -a:
      Linux 2.6.5-7.308-default #1 SMP Mon Dec 10 11:36:40 UTC 2007 ia64 ia64 GNU/Linux

      Seems like SUSE 10/11 are supported.

      Please advice the way forward to utilize DMU.

      Thank you,