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    R12 Requisition Import erring out saying Multi Distributions

      Hi Sandeep,

      I've referred this thread where you have given ur suggestion

      R12 Requisition import for the Back to back order items

      I've the same issue in the Requisitions Import. I've one record in po_requisitions_interface_all and related record in po_req_dist_interface_all table. And enabled
      multi_distirbutions set to 'Y' in the po_requisitions_interface_all table. The requisition import is submitted by saying the parameter multiple distributions to 'Yes'.

      But even then it is saying the same error
      'You have specified multiple distributions to be created. There are no rows in the requisition distributions interface table.'

      We are into R 12.1.3 version of Oracle apps. I tried all the means can you please give me any inputs for this issue.

      Thanks in advance for your help.