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    grouping column values

      Is there any column formula, where you can group three or more values and give a new name ?
      ie - if the picklist values are a,b,c,d,e,f
      then i would like to display as x and y , where x comprises of a,b,c and y includes d,e,f.. Kindly let me know if any formulas available
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          You can use the option "New Calculated Item" in the pivot table to attain your requirement.

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          Sorry it can not combine values from two different picklist

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            but the values in the new calculated item correspond to that particular field alone.. I want to combine 2 picklist. So i want the values in the new calculated item to display the values from both the picklists.
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              Try this,

              Let's say your picklist is call type then

              Click on fx on column
              Click Bin Tab
              Add Bin
              it will ask to for value, enter a and add b add c and click OK
              When it prompts for Bin Name provide x there.

              Do the same for Y options.

              This will group all a,b,c together and display them as x

              hope this solves your problem
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                Hi ! the Bin option was good. Thanks for your reply. But it includes values from only one field. Is there any option to combine values from two picklist .
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                  This option is also based on Bin concept, but since you want 2 fields, u will have to code it.

                  Click Fx of the column
                  case WHEN Field1 in ('a','b','c') then 'x'
                  case when Field2 in ('g','h','i') then 'y'
                  else 'some default value'

                  This should work.

                  Cheers !!!