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    according to select list value hide/show page item

      Hi all,
      I have a select list P_X(with values Char,Number,varchar2).
      When i select the char it should display P_Max(text box), If i select Number it should display two textboxes(P_Text1,P_text2).
      By default it should not display any page item except P_X.
      How can i acheive this by creating dynamic actions.
      I have tried a dynamic action for displaying textbox P_max when i clicks the Char value in select list(P_X)

      After submit process:

      Value of exp1=exp2

      dynamic action:
      event: change
      select type:item
      item(s)     :p_x
      condition:equal to
      value: Char
      True action: show item:p_max

      But it is not workking properly.