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    Remove 11g install

      an installation of 11g was placed on a test server and never worked properly.
      I am not a DBA but I have tried to fix it as I like to understand more about this.
      Eventually, I went into deleting the DB from the Database Configuration Assistant wizard, which said it was deleted succesfully.
      The OracleServiceORCL was removed as expected, but

      1) The listener service is still there along a few other Oracle services like OracleDBConsoleOrcl.
      2) From Programs/Oracle - OraDb11g_home1 I can still see and launch the Database Control - ocrl which connects to an instance for orcl.sxxx.dxx.com which used to be a service_name associated to orcl in the oranames.ora and it is no longer there since the DB has been deleted.

      I am quite confused now and I would just like to be able remove eveything so that I can do a clean installation of the DB, but I have no idea on how to proceed.

      It would be great if someone can advise, please?
      Thanks very much in advance.
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          If you are using 11gR2, please follow the below steps.

          De-installing Oracle Home using home deinstall utility

          1- Go to the $ORACLE_HOME/deinstall folder.
          2- Invoke deinstall utility.
          3- Answer the questions it asks interactively. Typical questions are;

          -Specify all Single Instance listeners that are to be de-configured:
          -Specify the list of database names that are configured in this Oracle home:
          -Specify the type of this database (1.Single Instance Database|2.Oracle Restart Enabled Database)
          -Specify the diagnostic destination location of the database
          -Specify the storage type used by the Database
          -Specify the list of directories if any database files exist on a shared file system. If 'upgrade' subdirectory is found, then it will be deleted. Otherwise, the specified directory will be deleted. Alternatively, you can specify list of database files with full path
          -Specify the flash recovery area location, if it is configured on the file system. If 'upgrade' subdirectory is found, then it will be deleted.
          -Specify the database spfile location

          4- After taking all inputs, it will start de-install operation. Logs will be created under <central_inventory>/logs folder

          5- After successful completion check if inventory is updated properly.
          6- Check if OracleHome folder is deleted. If not then you have to remove it manually.

          If you are using 11gR1, use the below steps

          1. Launch OUI from $ORACLE_HOME/bin

          2. Click on Installed Products

          3. Select the Oracle Home and remove it
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            Please see:
            11.2: How to Manually Remove Oracle Server Software on Microsoft Windows Platforms [ID 1069034.1]
            WIN: Manually Removing all Oracle Components on Microsoft Windows Platforms [ID 124353.1]

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              Thanks both, I will give it a go.
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                Your welcome If you think you have your answer for your theard; please change thread status to answered if it possible, it pretend to lose time of other forums user while they are searching open question which is not answered,thanks for understanding

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                  Also please update this thread with the solution that fixed your issue. It will be useful for anyone searching for similar issues on this forum