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    Looping through the array elements in the Siebel BI Publisher


      We have just upgraded to siebel 8.1 and started on our POC on BI Publisher Reports We have a requirement that we read orders from a table and store them in an array (the name and the price value). When I read the order, I need to first check if there is an entry in the array already for that product. If yes, then I add the current order price to the same array element. If not found, then I add an array element with this Order(with Product). Finally, I need to print the summary of all the distinct orders in the report. I can user the set_array and get_array methods to set and get the array elements. However, the challenge I am facing is with looping through the array. I went through so many forums, however did not get any loop (like the while loop) to navigate through the array elements to do the compare (if the product already exists). Can you please help with with any such loop that you know or the other alternatives we have in the BI Publisher.