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    Requisition Import LOV problem Regd.

      Hi Friends,

      While I am running requisition import program, i need to select import source parameter value from the LOV, ex: INV. But the problem is list of values were not populating. I have gone through debugging process and checked the concurrent program type and value sets created for the parameters.

      Here I found Table name for the value set, and i checked for the rows in the table. But it doesn't contain any rows.
      -- But If i search for the requisitions through the front end using requisition summery screen there in import source column it lists out the values.

      -- The executable type for the program is SPANNED. But I don't know how to debug spanned programs.

      -- Can any one help me How to solve this issue and how to debug spanned programs...

      thanks & regards
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          Karthik Gopaluni
          During the req import, the LOV will show the source as INV, WIP etc only when there is data in the interface table from this source. From front end you will have the option because it shows all the requisitions which are already created (through req import from respective sources). The interface program delete the interface lines onces sucessfully imported, hence the difference. Now if you are expecting lines in this table from INV but are not there, then it is all together a different problem. How are these lines getting created Kanban, Min-Max??
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            Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
            It is typically very hard to debug spawned programs. The options are
            a) Run strings command on the executable , pipe the output to a text file and debug through the output. It is hard but it sometimes works.
            b) Turn trace on and do a tkprof on the program and again try to get an idea as to what the program is doing.

            Hope this helps
            Sandeep Gandhi
            Independent Techno-functional Consultant
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              I got this same problem. U found any solution for this.? If so please share.


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