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    Cannot forward after response has been committed

      hi everybody,

      first of all thank you for your help!!

      SO, i am struggling with a exception generated when, I try to forward a redirect to a page i get the next exception, i know it can be caused, cus there other redirect performed.

      java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot forward after response has been committed

      my application tries to connect with a Openid service provider to authenticate using openid4java lib it works as follow:

      my servlet receive the request from a form, after the servelet take the parameters (Open Id identifier), after i generate the discovery, association, authetication, process and when i perfomr the redirect or forward i get the exception above mentioned.

      i have use the next option to do the redirect


      req.getRequestDispatcher(authRequest.getDestinationUrl(true)).include(req, resp);

      req.getRequestDispatcher(authRequest.getDestinationUrl(true)).forward(req, resp);

      any ideas to know what is happening?

      thanks in advanced