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    Selecting paper tray in a printer

      Hi All

      As part of my program, I need to submit certain documents to one tray(with preprinted paper) and other documents to default tray.

      I have used the following options with out luck.

      1. Programmatically setting the printer by passing the following code in my attribute set

      PrintRequestAttributeSet attributeSet = new HashPrintRequestAttributeSet();

      2. programmatically setting the printer by the following option

      Media med[] = (Media[])service.getSupportedAttributeValues(Media.class, null, null);
      for (int k=0; k<med.length; k++) {
      if(med[k].getClass().equals(sun.print.Win32MediaTray.class) &&
      med[k].toString().trim().contains("Tray 2")) {
      SunAlternateMedia am = new SunAlternateMedia(med[k]);

      3. created a logical printer by disabling all the trays except "tray 2" in printer properties. In this scenario, if I print a pdf document using acrobat reader and selected my newly created logical printer, printer was printing on certified paper. The same is not possible through my java program

      4. Created a custom size for tray 2 by adding 0.01 inches more to the letter size and defined the same in my java program as follows.

      float printableX = (float)8.51;
      float printableY = (float)11.01;
      PrintRequestAttributeSet attributeSet = new HashPrintRequestAttributeSet();;
      MediaSizeName mediaSizeName = MediaSize.findMedia(printableX,printableY,MediaPrintableArea.INCH);
      PrintService[] services = PrintServiceLookup.lookupPrintServices(flavor, null);
      PrintService service =(PrintService)services;
      System.out.println(" printername ::"+service.getName());
      DocPrintJob job = service.createPrintJob();
      Doc doc = new SimpleDoc(is, flavor, null);
      job.print(doc, attributeSet);

      Any suggestions please!!!

      My printer is HP LaserJet 9050 PCL 5e

      Thanks in advance,