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    Controlling printer tray selection from within rtf template

      I need to change the printer tray dynamically for a JDE payable check run. In the event of invoice line overflow we want to be able to print the invoice lines from another tray on plain paper and then return to the original tray containing the check stock to print the check.

      My initial thoughts were to embed an escape sequence specific to the HP 9000 laserjet dn printer but I cannot get this functionality to work. I am using the correct escape sequence "ubyte 2 Mediasource" to change the printer tray but not successful .....any thoughts.

      Dave McGraw
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          Hmm has been a while that I've heard this question. (reason: more customers choose for a third party solution to print)

          I know that this has been an issue for a long time. Solution depends ion your JDE release and ToolsRelease. On older versions I used to solve this with setting up multiple printers. And set up the printer with a default tray, instead of controlling it from within JDE.

          Current status is that their are ways to make this work if you are on TR 8.98.3 or above (see doc id: 1333791.1) for details.