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    See It mode freezes


      My users complained that See It mode freezes, so I managed to reproduce the problem on several topics.

      At about 36 frames and about 2 minutes duration, the demonstration of a click action doesn't happen. The explosion icon is displayed and the whole thing stops. If I press Return four times to manually advance the frames, it starts again for about three or four frames then stops again. Sometimes another four Returns gets it going again but not always. The cursor trails are okay but the click actions don't happen.

      Our company is using Windows XP with Internet Explorer 7. I've been watching the memory usage and it climbs slowly. Some topics stop at about 109,000 KB, yet others can run happily beyond 130,000 KB. The same problem exists whether I launch a topic from the intranet, or from Preview mode in the UPK developer.

      I can't see any other mention of this problem in this forum, so I hope someone can shed some light on it.

      Ian Gabriel