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    How to automatically convert requisition to PO?

      Hi gurus,

      I try to configure OeBS 11.5.10 to automatically convert approved Purchase Requisitions
      into PO. I have a problem to fire this feature. I have following setup:

      *) CREATEPO workflow attributes are:

      *) Profile option "PO: Allow Autocreation of Oracle Sourcing Documents" is set to "Yes".

      *) I defined Approved Supplier List for both Commodity and Item with Release Method attribute Automatic Release.

      I make a requisition with item, organization and supplier from ASL and no PO is created.
      No CREATEPO WF process is started in wf_items table.

      Shell I make a Blanket or Contract or Quotation document and match it as a source Document on ASL Attributes?
      Is it necessary to choose Supplier on the requisition to autocreate PO or it’s possible to populate supplier from ASL ?

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          How about Sourcing Rule and Sourcing Rule Assignments.? did you create this automatic sourcing setup?

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            I wanted to avoid defining Sourcing Rules.

            According to this Sandeep Gandhi post

            Re: Unable to avoid Autocreate PO grouping by different Supplier

            setting ASL document creation method as "Auto release%', should convert requisition into a PO automatically.

            My business need is to automatically convert approved requisition for particular items / category for supplier chosen on requisition.

            I wonder if I could achieve it to not make additional setup (or just small setup) when new supplier or item will appears?


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              Hello Marcin,

              I read the post you included. but it doesn't mention anything Not to do with Sourcing Rules/Sourcing Rules assignments

              But i hope this makes it clear.
              1. First step of Automatic sourcing is called Vendor Sourcing in which only Suppler and Supplier Site information is derived and the Sourcing Rule and Sourcing Rules assignments are a must
              2. Once, Vendor Sourcing is completed , next step is called Document Sourcing in which System looks at ASL item attributes for sourcing document and related pricing defaults
              3. Enough though once System has enough information to create a Purchase Order automatically, the Release Generation method controls whether the system should do it as such(Automatic Release) or do it and let user review it (Automatic Release/Review) or only triggered by user through Autocreate Form(Release Using Autocreate)

              To you other question to avoid making setup changes for new supplier or item, i believe you still would need to have a sourcing document(like a BPA) in place for automatic conversions of requisiton to po. Whenever you approve a sourcing document or import one , you can automatically generate Sourcing Rules.

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                Hello Scol's

                thank you very much for clarifying automatic Sourcing Rules. I still have a doubts:

                1) Automatic sourcing
                I made a setup you described above. Then I make a requisition and after saving there no information about sourcing document on Source Details tab.
                Is it necessary to choose a document from Catalog manually ? When "automatic Sourcing" is fired ?

                2) Automatic Purchase Order creation
                If there is Source Document specified on ASL item attribute it seems to provide all information to create PO. Are Sourcing Rules/Sourcing Rules assignments necessary ?

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                  Hello Marcin,

                  I am not sure what you mean when you differentiate between Automatic Souring and Automatic PO creation. Automatic Souricng(defualting of vendor infoand/or source document info) would be triggered from Requisiton Form/Purchase Order Form /Requisition import /Autocreate or Create Releases Program.

                  As soon as you enter the Item/Rev in the Requisition or Purchase Order Form, Automatic Sourcing Routines should be kicked off and can be used to as troubleshooting mechanism whether Automatic Souring Setup is in place to be used by the Autocreate program.

                  As i alluded to earlier, For Vendor Sourcing (defaulting of Supplier/Supplier Site) , Sourcing Rules are a must . Its ASL that is optional as you can setup the PO:Automatic Document Sourcing to Yes and instead of listing source document in the ASL , the system can pick one automatically for you.

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                    Hello Scol's

                    By Automatic Sourcing I mean exactly what you wrote - defualting of vendor info and/or source document info.
                    By Automatic PO creation I meant creating PO in backgroud when Requisiton is approved.

                    Thank you for explaining the idea of Sourcing but I am still confused when it comes to technical aspects.
                    You wrote that when Item/Rev in the Requisition is entered Automatic Sourcing Routines should be kicked off.
                    What do you by Automatic Sourcing Routines ? At the moment of entering Item/Rev on Requisition form the fields
                    Document Type, Document, Line should be filled in (if system pick some document) ?

                    What if don't use Item Revision feature, does it matter ?

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                      Hello Marcin,

                      Yes, it doesnt matter if dont use the item revision. When you enter the basic Item Number/Rev/Category/etc info, the sourcing information should automatically default, like document type, document line etc.. that is what i mean by autosorucing defulting routines.

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                        If we have supplier already assigned on requisition how would having sourcing rule impact ? Should it not look at the supplier which is in ASL list and is active supplier.

                        Supplier needs to have valid supplier sites assigned.

                        Please correct me if this is not true.
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                          For Automatic Document creation to work, the following must be setup properly.

                          1. The requisition must have a valid source document. To achieve this, you should setup ASL/SR appropriately. From what you indicated I guess you have done this already.
                          2. The Create Doc workflow attribute must be setup properly. You can refer to "Oracle Purchasing User's Guide" > "Procurement Workflows" > "Workflow for Creating Purchase Orders and Releases" for more information.