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    Editing/Deleting users programmatically in Weblogic 11 Embedded Ldap


      I am trying to manage users in the Embedded LDAP repository and would like to know how to edit and delete users. I am able to add a user with the following line of code, but do not know what the parameter should be for editing and deleting a user.

      Adding a user
      wls.invoke(userEditor,"createUser",new Object[] {username,password,  "User"},new String[] {"java.lang.String", "java.lang.String","java.lang.String"});

      This works fine. The API calls for an "operationName" (createUser in this add example).

      Does anyone have a link or the information as to the different options for this operationName, especially for editing and deleting users in the embedded ldap?

      Thank you,