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    Leveraging AIA Error Handling Framework from Non-AIA SOA composites and OSB

      Hi All,

      We are planning to make use of out of the box AIA Error Handling Framework from Non-AIA soa composites which have been built using JDeveloper and also from OSB for error notifications and worklist application tasks.

      In AIA Dev guide and Infrastructure and Utilities guide it is mentioned that we can use this framework from out side of the AIA, if it is so, would any one please let me know what are the steps we need to follow to achieve this?

      I guess we need to configure fault policies for partner link errors and invoke the AIAAsyncErrorHandlingBPEL for catch-all errors and internal business errors, but my question here is in case of AIA services EBM_HEADER does exist and the frmaework will make use of it, but in our case we do not have any EBM_HEADER since it is Non-AIA process, does anyone know how we can populate the fault massage before invoking the AIAAsyncErrorHandlingBPEL.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank You.