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    Design Studio installation on Linux

    user286088 - oracle
      Hi everyone,

      I know it is not officially supported, but it would be really nice to get Design Studio running on a linux desktop.
      So far, I have followed the instructions for the installation (Eclipse Ganymede-JEE for linux, install design studio package) but it is not working properly. In the OSM cartridges, for example, clicking on the graphical process tab closes the whole application. In ASAP, some tabs are not displayed.
      Is is feasible to get it working? Any tips?
      Thanks in advance.

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          user286088 - oracle
          So, I installed it and seems to be working now.
          I have used it in Ubuntu Linux (Kubuntu for me, actually, but one of my teammates works on a Ubuntu Unity desktop, as well) Natty and Oneiric.

          Just in case anyone is interested:

          -Check you are using official Sun Java, not OpenJDK. From Oneiric onwards, Sun Java is not available as an official package, but you can install it from some PPA, like:
          sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/java
          sudo apt-get update
          sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-plugin

          -I have used Eclipse Helios in Natty and Indigo in Oneiric.

          -I have used the base Eclipse that comes with Ubuntu (having installed everything related to Eclipse (sudo apt-get install eclipse-*)) and the tar.gz available from the official Eclipse site. It works either way: the main difference is that you might have to fill up the JEE plugin dependencies manually if you use the Ubuntu one.

          -If you use the Ubuntu Eclipse, you won't have JEE plugins, but you can copy the tar.gz (from site) features and plugins folder contents to /usr/lib/eclipse/features and plugins folders. If you use the official one (untargz and run by double clicking the eclipse binary), you should be fine.

          -Additional dependencies. Add repositories and install from within Eclipse:
          *Zest kit comes from the Eclipse GEF project (http://www.eclipse.org/gef/)   site: just add http://download.eclipse.org/tools/gef/updates/releases/ to your repositories and install.
          *EMF SDO and the others com from the Eclipse EMF project (http://eclipse.org/modeling/emf/)  site: add http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/emf/updates/releases/ to your repositories and install. It turns out that the SDO component is no longer in active development, so when you get the version list, you should pick SDO from a pre-2.5 version.

          -After that, just install the Design Studio packages the way it is described in the manual.

          -If you fancy, you can also do the branding stuff described in the manual, in order to get the Oracle splash instead of the Eclipse one when it is starting.

          -The success confirmation comes with being able to draw OSM processes and having access to ASAP atomic actions or action processor properties editor (which will seem a bit odd, as that part looks like a traditional Java interface).


          (If you got it to work (or not), and see that something is missing here, please comment.)

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