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    HFM drill Back to FDM


      I created Drill back from HFM to FDM and it is working fine on DEV. But I migrated HFM and FDM app from DEV to PRD and changed the app names and updated the FDM app name in the application setting on HFM and updated the HFM app name in the FDM integration settings and also updated the FDM application name in the link created for drill back.

      When I click on the link it is pointing to the prod application; but when I drill back I am getting below error: where it is still trying to point to FDM application in DEV.

      Error: An error occurred logging on to the system using single sign-on. Please contact your administrator:
      Error: 2684 - Unable to find the application named (XXXX) in the configuration file.

      I rechecked the app names and the link everything is working fine. I am working on 11.1.2 version. Is there any thing I need to update in the registries/ anything I am missing.

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          have u faced any issues at the time of migration & just recheck on the configuration part.

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            The issue is that the URL Block stored in the <appname>ERPIURL table in the HFM Database contains your old FDM application name. When it is attempting to pass this old name in the token it fails and returns the error you are seeing. You would need to clear out these tables and re-load the data to re-load the drill region to HFM for this to be updated with the new application name and allow for the drill through to work properly.

            Also, in there is no longer a need to populate the FDM application name in the metadata. The only things that need to be set are the "Enable Drillable Region Load" and "Use SSO" integration options in FDM for the adapter.