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    Select Valid Value for Devliver-To Location

      When we check out the Requisition in iProcurement, the system shows error for the Deliver-To Location, the error is 'Select a Valid Value'. After we click on the LOV and select the same value as in the Deliver-To Location field , the error gone.
      1. Select item and add to cart
      2. Click View Cart and Check Out
      3. Click Checkout
      4. Click Next (at this point the Deliver-To Location values is PWH-MB-03-TA)
      5. Error out 'Select a Valid Value'
      6. Click LOV and select PWH-MB-03-TA from the LOV
      7. Clikc Next again
      8. Success

      Do anyone knows why I have to reselect the value every time I check the requisition

      Thanks in advance for the help