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    Requisition stays in AutoCreate Screen available after autocreating

      Hey guys,

      I have a little questition to you which is confusing me. When I create an requisition and try to create a purchase order I have to go to the AutoCreate Screen. Now I choose my requisition and create by clicking the Automatic-button a purchase order. If I go again to the AutoCreate Screen and search for my requisition, the requisition is not listed/ was not found. This is allright, but ....

      if I create a RFQ out of my requisition on the AutoCreate Screen and in the next step a quote and afterwards out of this a purchase order, it is still possible to find the requisition which was created to a purchase order on the AutoCreate Screen. This shouldn't be able, because it would be able for users to create serveral purchase orders out of one requisition.

      Are there any opportunities to disable displaying requisition on the AutoCreate Screen which take this course.

      best regards