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Apex 4.0 how to add a button to each row of a report

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Hi Everyone

I have to a requirement where i need to add a button or link to each row of report dynamically and when a user clicks on it region has to display a region below.

For example displaying report in region 1 and when a user clicks the link or button the region 2 has to appear based on the condition.

Report display details of employee , employeename, emp no, manager, depto, sal,feedback and if the feedback is filled then the link should not appear and if feedback is not filled and the link or button should appear beside that row and allow the user to click and when it is clicked it has to show region 2 .

I am new to Apex, please help me out how to do this.

Thanks in advance

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    Step 1:
    Add a new item to set ID principal in report 2. ex. "P2000_ID" (maybe hidden item)
    Step 2:
    in report 1 section "report Attributes" section "Link Column"
    -> Link Column = Link to Custom Target
    -> Link Icon: Select some Icon link.
    -> Target: Page in this Application
    -> Page: same page ex. 2000.
    -> Item 1: "Name" = select Item created (step 1) "P200_ID" "Value" = #NAME_OF_ID_COLUMN_IN_REPORT_1#
    -> Apply Changes
    Step 3:
    Create query to report 2
    select *

    -> In Report2 condition
    * Condition Type = Value of item in Expression 1 Is NOT NULL
    * Expression1 = P2000_ID
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    Thanks a lot for your explanation, as newbie it helps me a lot!

    But when you click in the link, it reload all page, is there any way to do it without refresh all page?

    Thanks in advance,
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    You could use a modal form with the report to accomplish what you want:

    The link in your report would open up a modal page to allow input of data..

    Thank you,

    Tony Miller
    Ruckersville, VA


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